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At Watling Primary School, we place an emphasis on the STEM disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, recognising the importance of these subjects in preparing our children for success in an increasingly technological society.

Our approach to teaching and learning in Maths maintains a focus on fluency in the core concepts of number which are vital for our children to develop competency in the Maths curriculum overall.  Alongside this, pupils are given opportunities during every Maths lesson to apply their knowledge of number facts to reasoning and problem-solving.

By providing children with high quality mathematical resources, we facilitate access to and success through hands-on active learning at all levels. Targeted support to clarify, consolidate and deepen knowledge and understanding at appropriate stages of learning takes place in every Maths lesson. In this way, we ensure that success in Maths is accessible to and fully inclusive of all our pupils.

Many of our CAPTAIN Learning Characteristics play an intrinsic part in Maths lessons. We encourage our pupils to be curious about Maths and to question and hypothesise in their investigation of number and application of mathematical knowledge. We embrace making mistakes as part of the learning process and encourage our pupils to be brave and take risks in search of innovative approaches to problem-solving.

Working collaboratively as part of a team to take on and overcome the challenges of problem-solving helps to develop important communication skills. In verbalising and explaining their mathematical methods and reasoning, children must also show that they are confident communicators.

We encourage our children to be ambitious and aspirational as they progress through their educational journey. We recognise the importance of the core mathematical principles of fluency, reasoning and problem-solving and the value of the transferable skills that competence in these areas will give our children as they progress into adult life.

The National Curriculum Programmes of Study for Maths for Key Stage 1 and 2 provide further information.